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6 years ago

Can't locate customised template

Ihave customised a service invoice template. I have selected it in the customer file, and in the print/email advanced window. For one customer this template is avaiable for me to select, but not for ...
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    6 years ago

    Hi WoM 


    I'm going to assume you're using AccountRight 2019.1 here, so do correct me if I'm wrong.


    Templates are kept within the datafile and are not on the computer, which would explain why you can't find it if you go searching the hard drive.


    However if you have a customer that can see the form to print/email but you have others who cannot see it, my first thought would be to check the particular Sale Layout between those 2 customer's Invoices. To do this, go to: Sales > Sales Register and open an Invoice for the one that you can see the form for and click the Layout button.


    This should tell you which one is chosen in the radio buttons, such as Service, Item, Professional etc.


    Once you know the Sale Layout of the one that worked, we open the Invoice for the one that didn't and check those.


    What we'd be looking at here is seeing if these 2 are different. As Forms are Layout-specific this would be the biggest change.



    If these 2 Layouts are the same, on the Invoice for a Customer that can't use the Form go to: Print > Choose another form. Can you see the form here? If so, this would mean the Customer's Selling Details are configured to use a different form and is over-riding the Global setting in Print/Email Invoices.



    This should be enough fact finding to put you on the right path, let me know if you're having any troubles.