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5 months ago

Customer discounts

Hi,  I posted on Friday and have not heard back from anyone. Can someone please help.   I am wanting to give a customer % discount for early payments in AccountRight. I have placed a discount in...
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    5 months ago

    Hi HammerHire1,


    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the Community forum.


    Kindly accept my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. You can set a customer discount either from the customer card file or from the credit terms within the invoice. If you've already set up a customer discount from the card file and have assigned credit terms to a specific invoice, could you kindly share a screenshot of the applied credit terms? This will help us better understand your setup. 


    As for your second query about the "discount days" field, this is where you can specify the number of days within which the customer needs to pay in order to avail the discount. For more detailed information about setting up discounts, please refer to this Help article, Customer Discounts.


    Please let us know if you require further assistance.


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