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3 years ago

Supplier discount duplicating

I have an issue with payments made to a supplier that have a discount applied. The discount has deducted twice. Can you advise how to fix this?

  • Hi Clover

    I think this has come about when you go to pay it asks if you want to print now or print later.  I remember selecting print now for the first few thinking its just printing a confirmation of the discount.

    I have just paid another bill for the same supplier but selected print later. It appears to have processed discount once only.

    I have gone back in and deleted the discounts that appeared to be duplicated and everything looks fine now.


    Will have to keep an eye on this in case it happens again.


    Thankyou for your help.

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    Hi MichelleRana 


    How was the discount set up/entered? Was it by the credit terms? Entered in the bill as %? Or entered as a dollar value in the Pay Bills window? This Help article explains how these methods work in details, should you need - Supplier discounts. 


    Were there more than 1 payment recorded against that bill, or was it paid in full from 1 payment? And where exactly are you seeing the discount duplicated? Any screenshots would be most helpful.

    • Hi


      Discount was set up when we set the supplier card up initially. Refer screen shot attached.

      Bill is entered for the full amount ($ value) and appears to apply the discount when payment has been made.


      When we go into the bank feed and select pay bill MYOB has applied the discount which is great. However, it appears the discount is posting twice to account 5-2710. (A few times we have printed the discount which I think is when the issue is being caused).  Each time bill has been paid in full.


      A copy of our discount received report shows 4 entries  that have a duplicated discount (7/9/21, 17/11/21,26/11/21 & 21/12/21).


      Journal entry also supplied - looks to appear twice.


      Would it be easier to delete the transaction and start again? Or, is there another option? 

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        Former Staff

        Hi MichelleRana 


        Apologies for the delayed response, and thank you for the screenshots.


        Have you since identified the cause of the double discounts? If not, the Find Transactions result suggests that there were two payments using the same ID applied to the same bill, thus two discounts as well. From the Find Transactions result window, could you please click on the arrow next to the payments (ID EFT), check their 'Pay From Account' I suspect they are paid from different accounts. You can also make some minor changes to the Memo field in one of the Pay Bills transactions, if the other payment's memo is unaffected then they are definitely two separate payments.


        Please feel free to let us know how you go.