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4 years ago

Customised Invoice

Good afternoon


Hope someone can give me some guidance.  I have been struggling for hours to get an Invoice form customised to suit my needs (which is really basic) but I have never done this before.  The company charges an hourly rate for service, and km rate for travel (but the same columns can be used).  So I just need 5 columns, which is 

Date & Details - where I will put the date in, the person who did the service and the vehicle details, probably in three lines under each other

Job Description - Details of the service which will probably take up a few lines

Units - The amount of hours (or kms travelled)

Rate - Rate per hour or km

Total (excl GST) - Amount (With the last three columns used to automatically calculate each total)


The sub total at the bottom will appear and the GST added extra to give the Invoice Total.


I have selected a form under the "time billing" and have customised it to show the above columns but if I enter an Invoice in MYOB it does not show these columns, even if I select the time billing option and on the customer's card I set the printed form to the one I have customised.  Did I select the wrong type or what must I do?  I have searched other posts but I can't find something that helps to sort this out.

  • Neil_M don't worry I think I did it, thanks for your help.

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    Hi Mathilda 


    In order for AccountRight to use a particular customized form for a sale, the form and the sale need to be of the same type. So if the customized form is a time billing form, but the sale is a service type sale (for example) then when the sale is printed or emailed it will use whichever service sale form has been selected in the Print / Email Invoices >> Advanced Filters for the Sales type of ‘Service”


    So if you were wanting to use a Time billing customized form you would need to ensure that the sale was recorded as a time billing type of sale, not a different type

  • Hi Neil_M Neil

    Thanks for your reply.  I don't necessarily want to use a time billing Invoice but that is the only template I could find that would give the columns for calculating the amount for hours worked at a certain rate.  (Or even just units X rate = amount).  I have played around now with that time billing invoice and it seems like I am getting there, only problem I have - it is printing the word "hour" in the column where I have entered an amount of hours worked.  Do you know why it is doing that?  Hope it makes sense ...

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      Neil_M don't worry I think I did it, thanks for your help.