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4 years ago

data fields in invoice description & email

Is there a way to include data fields in my invoice item descriptions and the email body when sending them?   We do a lot of recurring monthly invoices, which I would like to set to send automatica...
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    4 years ago

    Hi Patrick_H 


    Customise forms do use data fields to populate information from the company file and the invoice. Users can see and select the desired fields for their customise form using the following process:

    1. Navigate to Setup>>Customise Forms.
    2. Choose the desired type of form and layout (if required).
    3. Select Customise.
    4. Once in the Customise form window, within the Insert section of the Customise tab is the option for Fields.

    Selecting the above Fields option will list all the fields that can be added to that customise form. For more information check out Help Article: Fields and columns you can add to forms.


    It should also be noted that users can add variable data fields to their customise forms this can be done as per Help Article: Set up your default email messages. This will also list the email variables that can be used.

    In saying that, I'm not aware of a field that would show the current month on the invoice form or accompanying email being available.