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9 months ago

How to enter Centerpay fees

I have a customer paying off thier invoice throught Centre pay.

There is a fee involved that I cant pass onto the customer.

How do I enter part payments and the add a Discount or credit each time?


IE Customer authorises $25 payment

Centre pay takes $1 of that and passes on the $24 dollars to us.

We reduce the Invoice by $25.


  • SFraser 


    $24 is deposited.


    We wish to do a Customer Receipt for $25.

    Then do a Spend Money for $1.


    The same principle applies to PayPal.


    It is an accounting burden when Merchant Fees are taken out on the day.

    Amex moved to monthly some years ago. 

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      Which account would I pay that from though? It doesnt come out of our bank account.

      I also need this to show on the invoice as a deduction.

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        If a client does not have Bank Feeds -


          Customer Receipt for $25

          Spend Money for $1




          Customer Receipt for $24

          Negative Sale for $1


        Hope this helps.