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2 years ago

Invoices saving as a different type of pdf

Over the last few weeks I have been having trouble with the way my pdf docs are saved from MYOB.  Using the latest MYOB Account Right.  When I produce an invoice and save it to my files as a pdf, it has started to produce a "different type" of pdf that cant be sent to an intray.  When I try it is a "corrupted file" - however, I can open the file in Adobe. 

I find I have to open the MYOB pdf created file in Adobe, resave it from Adobe as a pdf to the same location.  Attached is a document to show how the two files look - sorry it's not particularly clear as I enlarged it for better viewing.  But you can see that one file does not include the full date (which was typed but always is truncated) - that is the file saved from MYOB, the other file shown is the one re-saved from Adobe (ie) I opened the file without the full date in Adobe & re-saved from Adobe.

I don't understand why this is happening all of a sudden .....  Any ideas??