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3 years ago

multiple repeat invoices on clients account

We import invoices from another software program in to myob each week. In the last few months at least one client each month has multiple copies of the same invoice created by myob with a different reference number for each of the same imported invoice. One client has been charged 5 times for the same invoice this month. i have alerts on for duplicate invoice numbers but because myob is generating its own reference this has no effect. This is creating a huge amount of work in having to manually check each account for errors. I have checked the imported information and it has only the single invoice information. Please can anyone help?

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    Hi mrsmac1 , speaking generally, the vendors of the invoicing program should be your first port of call. 


    Invoices are posted to AccountRight via the API. This process generates a trail of somewhat specialised information at both ends, ie in the vendor's system and at MYOB. This trail may or may not be stored in sufficient detail, but facilitates discussion between the vendor and MYOB as to what is going wrong. 


    You will start by providing examples of errors to the vendor, and go from there.