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6 years ago

Myob PayBy & Bank Feeds

Hi,   We recently set up Myob Payby and received our first payment from a client using it.  It has allocated it to the correct invoice and so balance for that invoice is now $0 however it has come ...
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    5 years ago

    Hi JaneG1  Honeyboost 

    When a customer does make payment on your online invoice AccountRight will automatically generate the necessary payment transaction in the company file. This payment transaction is allocated to the undeposited accounts window and will be seen in Banking>>Prepare Bank Deposit. With that transaction, you would be able to process to the necessary bank account in AccountRight along with any other payments and then match to the necessary bank transaction when applicable.

    Our Help Article: Online Payments - Section: Handling the payment in your company file" has more information on dealing with that payment transaction from an online invoice.