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3 years ago

MYOB Purchase Orders

I am trying to clean up MYOB
I have some old open purchase orders, which I am not sure why we did not receive invoices for them.
Is there a way to close the purchase order, to make it disappear from my purchase orders outstanding report.
I do not want to delete the purchase orders, just in case the invoice appears, all of a sudden
Please advise





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    Hi Edwardt 


    There really are only two directions for the purchase orders: deleted/reversed, or processed as bills and gets closed off. 


    You can consider changing the order amount to $0, add blank lines to record details of the purchase order details instead, then convert it to a bill, bills at $0 are automatically closed. Alternatively, you can backup the company file, or export these open purchase orders, then delete them from the file. The backup file or the exported file can be used to view the purchase order details if needed later.


    I hope this helps.