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2 years ago

Recurring Sales Order



I can`t Record a Recurring Sales Order. When I select the Recurring order I need, and click on the "Record" button, nothing happens and the Order does not appear in my register.

The only think I have noticed, the customer box appears in red, while it doesn`t normally happen when you enter a new SO from scratch.

Why is that?

  • Hi anistoro


    I've located an account for a different serial number, can you please send me the full serial number via this private message link



    Update: script has been run over company file

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  • Hi anistoro


    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forum ! If you're still having issues with this can you please clear your AccountRight cache, once cleared can you record the transaction ? 


    Do let me know how you go. 

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      Hi, thank you for your reply.

      I have already tried with the help of phone support.

      However, the problem has not been solved and the operator was claiming that it should be fixed at developer level... I haven`t received any updates and still can`t use the function.

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        Hi anistoro


        Can you please try clearing your AccountRight cache as mentioned above ?


        If this doesn't work, can you please retrieve the diagnostic log of the AccountRight file after you've attempted to record the order and attach it as a .TXT file to this thread so I can investigate.