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3 years ago

Recurring Transactions not recording

Our recurring transactions are not recording.   There isn't an error message, it just sits there after selecting record.
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    2 years ago

    Hi WMack 


    On the Community Forum, we encourage users to assist and offer advice, as such, you may not receive an immediate reply from an MYOB Moderator. If you need immediate assistance, we recommend contacting our phone based teams or Live Chat.

    Regarding your query, if you do not use Locations in your company file ( check under Lists>>Location for more than one location), we can run a script to update the recurring item order transactions. So we can organise that, please send me your product serial number and company file name by Private Message. 


    Please note that any changes made to the recurring item order transactions, after the script is run will cause the same issue again.


    If you do use multiple locations, the only workaround would be  manually using  the recurring button, and adding the location to the item sales order before they record as the script will not work in this scenario.

    That said, our teams are working on resolving this permanently going forward.