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4 years ago

Recurring transaction drops out

when doing reoccurring transactions, MYOB drops out every time?


Is there a known issue why this happens?


  • My client has upgraded to 2021.1 and the problem has been fixed.


    Thankyou for your help




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  • Hi Kerrin28


    Thank you for your post. Can you please confirm if you get any error messages when this happens ? If so, can you please provide a screenshot. Also, if this happens again please retrieve the diagnostic log of the file after this has happened so I can investigate further. 

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      attached is the file error log.


      Hope this can help for you to be able to fix.


      The client has had a computer guy out to look at the computer and there is no issues, he has suggested that there is an error in the MYOB file.


      Look forward to your reply




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        Former Staff

        Hi Kerrin28


        Can you please check the linked accounts within the file, please go to the Setup menu and choose Linked Accounts, then make sure linked accounts are specified for:

        • Accounts & Banking Accounts
        • Sales Accounts
        • Purchases Accounts
        • Payroll Accounts (if you use payroll, Australia only)

        If a linked account is missing and you're not sure which account should be selected, check with your accounting advisor.


        Also, please check that your tax codes have linked accounts linked - please go to the Lists menu and choose Tax/GST Codes. Open each tax/GST code and check they have linked accounts. Not all tax/GST codes require linked accounts, only those where you are able to specify them, such as the example shown above. Once again, check with your accounting advisor if you're not sure which accounts should be selected.


        If there has been a missing linked account/tax code, once corrected please attempt to process a recurring transaction. Does it work ?


        Please do let me know how you go.