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3 months ago

Statements printing to PDF with boxes around text - Accountright

I have this issue, found an old post but it is locked so can't access the fix for it: Recently our invoices and statements saved as PDF are showing outline boxes around text fields that never used to be there. When I send the inovice to disk it resolves the issue for invoices only. I have not been able to correct this when printing statments to PDF. I have tried what has been suggested on a previous thread and removed any outlined boarders in the customised form, the boxes are still visibile, please help. If I print the invoice on paper the boxes don't show.

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  • Hi GordyM1,


    Thank you for your post.


    You're on the right track with sending the document to disk to remove the text borders. Another option is to create a new personalised form to see if that resolves the issue. Additionally, try using a different PDF printer. Before attempting to print statements to PDF, make sure to log out of the file, clear your AccountRight cache, and then log back in. 


    Feel free to create a new post again if you need further help.


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