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5 years ago

Transaction Journal

Our data entry girl input invoices for purchases on the 20th of April.  When I check on the 21st in the Transaction Journal for 20/4-21/4 none of the invoices entered are showing up.  I have gone in ...
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    5 years ago

    Hi MelWill13 


    The Transaction Journal shows transaction based on the Transaction Date or Date Occurred, not the date entered into MYOB.


    To identify transactions entered on a specific date or period, you need to use a Transactions Journal Report. Use Index to Reports > Accounts > Transaction Journals > General Journal. Click Advance Filters.

    Set Dated From to the first day of the current FY, for example 1 July 2019 and the To: to say 30/6/2030.  Set Source Journal to All.


    Now click Additional Filters. On this screen select the Session Date - the employee's date or date period you want to check. So if you want to see what was processed on 15 April 2020, set both Dates as 15/4/2020. Click OK and then Run Report.


    A few things to bear in mind,

    • Sometimes AR2020 reports 'There is no Information to display' when in fact there is - usually with larger files. Try narrowing the Transaction Date range.
    • Users sometime report that transactions 'go missing' - this cannot happen with MYOB. Each transaction is recorded in the database as it is processed. If a transaction appears to have gone missing, 99% of the time the transaction was entered into a different company file, for example an offline copy instead of the online file.
    • An Order or a Quote may not appear in the Transaction Journal
    • The Transaction Date may have been entered incorrectly, for example 21/4/2022 instead of 21/4/2020