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3 years ago

Unable to view invoices in purchases register from previous years file located in library

Hi, after taking a backup and rolling the company file at the end of our financial year I have found that I am unable to view scanned invoices in the purchases register (offline file in library).   ...
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    3 years ago

    Hi KarenW3 


    In Tray documents are only available for online company files. So, in your case, you mentioned that the company file is stored in your library. As such, it would not locate online thus not access to AccountRight In Tray and documents. 

    If you are needing those In Tray documents the company file would need to be located online. Typically, you would want to use the backup and restore online function to move that company file back online to the cloud to access those documents. Note: That backup and restore online function would replace the existing online file so you want to take a backup of that online current file and store it safely before overwriting the existing file with that replacement to obtain the In Tray documents.