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3 years ago

21/22 Payroll Account Right Plus

I've just gone to process the first pay for this 21/22 Financial year and all seems fine until I try and process them.  I can select each employee, adjust their wages accordingly, record each pay and tick off the select box.  When I hit process it comes up with the box advising I'm about to record # pays, hit ok and am told I will need to log in as per the STP ATO reporting, but then the ATO declaration window doesn't come up and the next window advises 0 pays recorded.  On checking the transactions, no pays have been recorded at all.  Is there something new I should know about?  Is it a date thing?  20/21 payroll has been lodged and finalised, I'm in the new 21/22 year.  Our last pay for the year ended on the 27/6 and was paid on the 28/6.  This week takes in 29 & 30/6, would that be what's causing the issue?  

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    That's fine, I've had the script run over the file please do let me know how it goes. 


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      Hi Melissa  

      There wasn't any log that came up at all, it just didnt record anything.  After hitting record, instead of the ATO declaration coming up, it just went straight to a screen saying nothing recorded.  I've attached a screen shot of that.  If there is somewhere else I can go to get a log, let me know.  I'm use to it coming up with an error and retrieving it that way.  There was no error with this one, it just didn't record at all.

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        Hi JohJohB,


        Thank you for the information provided. So I can run a script over your file to fix this, can you please confirm the last 4 digits of your product serial number and file ID of the file you're having issues with (This can be found by going to Help > About MYOB AccountRight). 

        Note; can all users please be signed out of the file for about 10 minutes until I've processed this. 

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      Sorry just looking at the link to find the diagnostic log.  When I work that out I'll post it.  Ta