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2 years ago

STP EOFY Finalisation 21/22 errors

Very unhappy with the end of year STP process!!!


The YTD verification report has a lot of errors the most basic being PAYG withholding does not match our Payroll Summary or General Ledger. Fortunately the summary at the top of the finalisation screen does show the correct amount.


As I couldn't trust the YTD verification report I decided I would need to verify each individual's report only to discover that these too were riddled with errors. One employee had zeros on his report but the Finalisation screen was showing his correct gross and tax.


We have some employees with Reportable Fringe Benefits Amounts but it doesn't hold the figures if you have to go out of the finalisation screen so every time they have to be re-entered.


The gross figure on the front screen is only those payroll categories with STP classification of Gross Wages. All the new categories such as Bonuses and commissions were excluded even though clearly these are part of Gross Wages. 


I was happy that my general ledger reconciled with the Payroll Summary so I decided to proceed without worrying about the verification only to get a message Something went wrong please try again Despite repeated attempts I have not been able to lodge - which might be just as well because who knows what will be lodged.

We have hundreds of old payroll categories that have not been used for many years but of course we can't delete them, if we have to go back and put an STP category on all these old categories I will be beyond frustrated.


It looks like MYOB will be forcing us to use the web-based version which is not nearly as good as the desktop version. Already some things such as Payroll Reporting Centre is only on the web.


We have used AccountRight since 2008 but now we are seriously thinking of changing software. It is frustrating that we are now forced to update MYOB every month - before we would wait until all the glitches had been resolved, now we have to suffer through them. 

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    We have had same issue. 353 employees and the errors are beyond fixable in a short time frame. Plus I have a payroll this week so need to finalise before tomorrow. Seriously not going to be using MYOB next financial year. And MYOB response is to "delete / reverse termination / redo pay / redo termination" is a joke. For 353 staff, high turnover industry NOT HAPPY!

  • Hi JOberg 


    It's the Summary of payments reports (EOFY finalisation tab>>click on the ellipsis for the employee>>View/Download report) that are sent to the ATO so you do need to make sure they are correct prior to finalising.


    STP reports payments according to the ATO reporting category assigned to the payroll category. As per the ATO, payments such as overtime, bonuses and commissions, must be reported separately not included in Gross payments. This means that the STP reports will report those payments separately.


    You can still process payruns through the desktop version. The Payroll reporting centre opens in a browser to integrate with the ATO. 


    Please let me know if you're still getting that error when trying to finalise.

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      I believe MYOB is now aware that there are issues with the verification reports and I hope they are working through the night to fix it. It seems the issue is with terminated employees.


      The normal payroll reports reconcile with our general ledger and the figures lodged though STP, The verification reports do not.


      PAYG STP reporting ex the ATO = 1,039,907. Payroll Summary = 1,039,907. YTD Verification report = 1,014,336. I have identified that the missing amount matches the PAYG for employees terminated in  August and October. We did not have any employees that terminated in July or September so I am not sure if those months are also involved.


      SGC Payroll Summary = 314,806.55 YTD Verification Report = 296,210.27 - discrepancy of 18,596.28 which matches the SGC amounts for employees terminated in Aug, Oct, Nov and Dec . It appears that the error iin SGC is not consistent with the error in PAYG.


      MYOB needs to make all their accountright users aware of this issue - instead of wasting our time and resources trying to work out what has gone wrong. 


      My question now is can I finalise the current employees and just leave the termoinated employees until this is fixed?