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2 years ago

Base hourly rate incorrect

Hi,   The employee card has the hourly rate set as $29.52 but every payslip for this employee it is lower.   Please help!
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    2 years ago

    Hi stroltz 


    I'd check that the standard pays for this employee matches what is on other employees.


    Interestingly 9.7 * 29.52 = 286.34

    less 0.2 hrs per FN

    0.2 * 29.52 = -5.90

    Balance = $280.44 (which is pay calculated by MYOB)


    You can set Fortnightly hours to 0.2, however on the Standard Pays screen, change the 0.2 to 0.0 - see if this solves the pay rate calculation issue.


    When you use timesheets, the hours shown on Standard Pays are factored in (bug).