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12 months ago

"Board and Keep"


This is relation to the "Board and Keep" deduction noted in the Pastoral Award.  An amount of $150.16 can be deducted from employees pays per week to cover such things as food and accommodation. It is not an allowance.  My question is, how should this be coded in the cashbook and declared to the ATO. My client is in a remote area which is not liable for FBT however I would have thought it was still subject to PAYGW?  

If so, the only codes for STP2 that show up are either for salary sacrifice purposes or under deductions as Child support or Union fees or workplace giving.  It isn't any of these either!

I would appreciate some clarity for this please. Thank you


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    You can add new pay item name under the deduction tab and select the most appropriate ATO reporting category. I would recommend to speak to your financial advisor or to ATO of what is the correct reporting category you can use.


    You may also refer to our Help Article, Assign ATO reporting categories for Single Touch Payroll reporting, that has detailed information about this.



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