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2 years ago

Change us salary sacrifice

Hi I have to change a salary sacrifice for one of my staff from a % base to a set amount.  Do I have to set up a new Salary sacrifice deduction or do I use the old one.  I have tried to set amount to $100 per pay but it doesnt stay in the format I can add it to wages under their card in wages but think I may have to make a new salary sacrifice deduction for this to link right

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    If there is only one employee doing salary sacrifice then yes you can just change the method in the payroll category


    If you need two different methods then yes you need to set up another payroll category.


    Within the payroll category you can link the employee to the category ( top ribbon)


    In the employee card add the payroll category and in their standard pay tab of the card you can make sure the $100 is noted.


    Hope that helps