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12 months ago

EOFY and Salary Sacrifice

In my Employee's YTD verification report - Summary of Payments,

Gross payments amount is including their Salary Sacrifice amount.

Salary Sacrifice super is also reported separately as Salary Sacrifice RESC.

Will their "Payment Summary" reduce the Taxable income by the Salary Sacrifice amount?

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      I have employees with both Salary Sacrifice super contributions and salary sacrifice payments as a NFP employee.


      Are you able to confirm that the same process occurs for these types of payments also?


      Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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        Hi Chamberlain 


        Generally the same applies to other Salary Sacrifice as well, gross amount is the pre-salary sacrifice amount.  The salary sacrifice is then reported as a positive figure, and the ATO will deduct this when calculating Total Gross Amount on the Income Statement.

        The only difference is the other salary sacrifice is not RESC (as super is) and may be RFBT instead.


        With some NFP sectors, there are different rules for reporting some not wage benefits, so this is best checked with your tax adviser.