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3 months ago

Default fund - Member number previously used

Hi   We use NGS as a default fund.   When new employees are created and request the default fund we enter NEW in the super membership number which is the trigger for NGS to create a new superfund...
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    3 months ago

    Here is my work around for the problem created by MYOB.


    Our default fund provides employers with a clearing house facility if they do not already have one.

    Historically we have used the MYOB clearing house.

    We can not process a contribution through MYOB for a new default fund member because the member number is not unique.


    Work around

    - Register for the default fund clearing house.

    - Process the bulk of the super through the MYOB clearing house as usual.

    - Create new members in the Fund Clearing House and process their super payments.

    - In MYOB go to Pay Liabilities found on the Payroll page. Select Superannuation as the Liability Type. Set the date range. You should see the super yet to be processed in MYOB. Select the super to be processed. Double check the amounts/employee. Select record.