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2 years ago

Entering timesheets online



Our current process is that everyone enters their timesheets in AccountRight. Current setup is that they only have access to enter timesheet & enter purchases (yes I know they can access everyone's timesheets but they don't and this setup works for us). Some of our staff would prefer to use the web based/online version, which we have. I've just gone to trial it and it seems the web based/online version does not mirror the software. I have gone to do a dummy run and I get attached error message. Why is this, when it works perfectly fine through the software?


Note: I do not want any add-ons, I simply just want the web version/online to mirror the software if possible. 



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    Hi Simone5 


    Thanks for your post and Welcome to MYOB Community Forum.


    If you are accessing your MYOB Account through the web browser, it will have a different set up from the AccountRight. When you tried to do a dummy pay run, and got the error message, it is because there is no Payroll access selected for you. To check this, you may ask the Administrator of the company file to check it if Payroll access is ticked for you. The Help Article Invite user to an online file will provide you the steps on how to do it.


    Please let me know if you need further assistance.


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