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2 years ago

Payment Reversal

Hi MYOB Community, 


Not really sure where to start... 


I processed payroll payment y'day (for approx 23 people) including creating a bank file but never processed it through our bank because the authoriser at work advised there was a mix up with payments so (not knowing the consequences), I went to delete it and found out I need to reverse each indiv. cards payroll payment. 


I have done all the reversals and sent them to STP/ATO and it now shows in 'deposit' column in MYOB and I've processed the payroll payment again which has been processed successfully through our bank. 


Now when I go into Prepare Electronic Payments, the payments all still show up. Have I missed something? I am covering for the Finance Mgr while he's on annual leave - usually I do the easy stuff! 


Any help would be appreciated. And hopefully I haven't confused you!! 



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