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2 years ago

Payroll Information not reported to the ATO

Payroll Reporting is not working.  It keeps coming up with



This pay has been recorded, but we couldn't report this payroll information to the ATO.

Report this information later via Payroll, Payroll REporting.  Learn How.



The last ones that were reported were early September.  I have sent emails to MYOB with no response.  I also phoned but was on hold 1hour 48mins.  Hoping someone can help on this forum.


I am up to date with the latest software downloads.


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    I am having the same problem and have done so for the past 3 weeks.  We are using Windows Server 2012 and AccountRight SE 2022.9.


    Please help MYOB as the ATO will fine us if we don't report to them each week.


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      I have had the same problem for a month, I now have 4 weeks worth of reports that do not show up anywhere that I cannot send to the ATO & it's almost impossible to contact MYOB, pathetic service from them

  • Hello Teonn 


    Welcome to the Community Forum. 


    Our investigations have found while it works in the web browser, the error happening on through the desktop application is due to not being on a supported version of windows. 


    Please make sure you are on a supported version of windows for your software. If you are not on any of the listed you will need to update. You can check our system requirements here.


    If you are on a supported version, can you please send me a Private Message containing: 

    •  Business name
    • Serial number
    • Company file ID
    • Screenshot of the windows version you are on
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      How do i private message you? im having this issue when manually processing pays. My windows system is upto date. Thanks

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        Hello Kel1010 


        Welcome to the Community Forum.


        You will only be able to Private Message a Moderator when asked for information. 


        Are you able to provide some more details, when you are having issues manually paying, is it the same error as on this thread or are you getting something different?


        If it is the same error, and you have your windows up to date, can you please send me a 

        Private Message containing: 

        •  Business name
        • Serial number
        • Company file ID
        • Screenshot of the windows version you are on
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      Sorry but that's not true.  According to your system requirements it should work on server 2012 but it doesn't.


      Operating System

      • Microsoft Windows 11
      • Microsoft Windows 10
      • Microsoft Windows 8.1
      • Windows Server 2019
      • Windows Server 2016
      • Windows Server 2012

      This was reported weeks ago and we are still having the same issues


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        also not working on windows 8.1 (PC soon to be upgarded to 10)

  • fyi I has a similar issue, I had to use MYOB on a newer OS (in my case a Remote Desktop Server 2016) and it worked