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2 years ago

Payroll Reversal and PAYG liabilities in AccountRight Plus 2022.7

Hi, working in AccountRight Plus 2022.7: I have had to reverse a payroll entry to correct it. The original entry was dated 26th of June 2022. Reversal and the new, correct entry dated 14th of July 2022. Both transactions from Electronic Clearing Account, went into the Prepare Electronic Payments window and the EP was created. After the reversal my PAYG for July is  incorrect in the Pay Liability window. The reversed PAYG is not deducted from the total amount. The Payroll Activity Summary, register Summary and Payroll Liability reports show the correct figure. However, the Payroll Liabilities by Category report shows the reversed PAYG with a status PAID. I ran Liabilities Payment Register for an an extended date range trying to find this 'payment', but there is only the payment for June PAYG. Can someone suggest how I fix this so that the amount in Pay Liabilities window is correct?

Thank you.

  • Hi Abbey1 


    Thank you very much for working with me through private messages, I'm glad to hear after the script was applied it's now working fine for you. 


    Freman Thank you very much for offering your help. AccountRight 2022.8 release was designed to address some payroll changes and bug fixes. This particular situation is not included within that release as our team are still working through a solution. In the meantime, we do have a script available that we can run over impacted online company files, if you need that arranged please do feel free to let us know.

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    Hi Abbey1 


    Thank you for the information. I'm wondering if the liabilities of the original payroll entry was already processed before the pay was reversed? If so, could you please send me a private message with the following details, so we can look into it for you?


    - Serial number

    - Company File ID number under Help > About


    You can do so by mouse over my avatar and choose 'Send a message'.

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      CloverQ wrote:

      I'm wondering if the liabilities of the original payroll entry was already processed before the pay was reversed?


      CloverQ You are are obviously aware of the bug that has been causing this issue (Reversals of wages not resetting Super, and probably others too, to unpaid on the reversal entry to allow them to offset in the pay liabilities screen etc). Can you confirm  whether this has been fixed in the later 2022.8.0 release?

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      Hi Clover,

      Yes, the PAYG of the original payroll entry was already processed (into ATO ICA liability account) before the pay was reversed. You think that's the reason why the PAYG of the reversal transaction has "PAID' status, and as such is not included in Pay Liabilities? If so, is it possible to fix it? 


      Seeing no other solution (after talking to MYOB support for couple of hours) I have just processed the PAYG for July in two steps:

      1. entered Pay Liabilities transaction from liability account 'ATO ICA' for the incorrect amount of PAYG ($22,969), as there is no other way to edit the amount being paid;

      2. to record the actual payment from bank account entered Spend Money transaction for the correct amount by splitting it between two accounts:

      liability account 'ATO ICA' for the amount $22,969

      expense account 'Adjustments, errors, rounding' for the amount -$28

      I'm not sure if I haven't created another problem, and I'm happy to make corrections if you know how to fix the original issue.

      Kind Regards,




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        The way I have been correcting clients affected by this is to reverse the reversal that is affected by this bug (using the inbuilt reversal process) then recreate the intended reversal with a manual payrun rather than the inbuilt reversal process. 


        This resets everything ready for the replacement payrun and makes sure 'pay liabilities' screen picks up the correct amounts.


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      Hi CloverQ 


      I am experiencing the same issue. Can you please assist?


      thank you.

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        Hi lindso,


         If your company file online?


        If so, could you please send me a private message with your serial number, and the company file ID number (under Help > About)?

  • I have the same problem. Is this script still available please?

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      Hi WDeb


      Thanks for reaching out. 


      Just to clarify the issue, do you also have a reversed payroll transaction that made your PAYG amounts incorrect? If this is the case please send me a private message containing the following:

      • Serial number 
      • Full name and email address 
      • Company name
      • Company File ID (Help > About MYOB AccountRight)

      We look forward to your reply. If you have any other concerns or questions feel free to include them in your next response.