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11 months ago

Prefilled IAS not balancing with MYOB reports



For the first time I've noticed that when I go the ATO Portal to submit my IAS report the amounts are prefilled for July. There is a $280 difference for the gross wages for my payroll summary report and the prefilled report (which is short). The tax amount is correct. I have no idea how to work out what categories haven't been reported which seem to total  $70 per week. When I look at the payroll categories everything appears to be assigned correctly. Can anyone give me any suggestions?


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  • Hi CJL05


    I was corresponding with MYOB and they had me check all my settings for Single Touch Payroll for Salary Sacrifice and they were all fine.  No solution was found. 


    I spoke to my accountant and he told me to keep overriding the pre fill amount.  I do know that it is the salary sacrifice that isn't being picked up in the prefill amount so at least I know exactly what it is come the end of the financial year.  I am hoping by then there is a fix made by either MYOB or the ATO.


    If you find anything else out, I would appreceiat an update too.  Thanks





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    Hi Jenny


    I have just got the same problem.  It appears to be the total of my employees salary sacrifice super.


    Can I ask if you have found a solution.  I have held of lodging with the ATO for fear of my end of year reports not balancing with them.


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      Hi Toni,


      Oh, thank you! That's what mine is too. My salary sacrifice is set up as reportable under category 'Salary Sacrifice and RESC'. My end of year report balanced with my MYOB reports and my BIS has only just started prefilling - otherwise I wouldn't have even picked this up. I have lodged my end of year payroll with the ATO for the last few years with everything set up this way and I haven't had any queries from them, so I'm assuming it's ok. I have altered the prefilled amount though so that it matches my MYOB payroll register summary. 


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        Hi jhay1 and FFTITIC 

        Just wondering if you found a solution to this issue? I've been having the same problem and have been overriding the prefill amount, but I'm not sure if that is the correct thing to do. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!