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3 years ago

STP2 & TFN Declarations



Can you please confirm if MYOB has provision to sending electronic TFN Declarations in STP2. We recently upgraded and I was hoping it did but doesn't look like it does in any of the reports I can see?




  • Hi Deb5


    Under FAQ What payroll details are checked during the move to STP Phase 2?, this lists what is checked when moving across. That particular information will be reported to the ATO. Once on STP phase 2 you will no longer need to send TFN declarations to the ATO as it will be reported via payroll reporting. This is also explained on our employee onboard help article


    Do let me know if you have any further questions. 

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  • Hi Deb5 


    STP Phase 2 does NOT send the TFN Declarations to the ATO. Using STP Phase 2 'replaces' the need to send TFN Declarations to the ATO. In STP Phase 2, with each pay, your software reports for each employee:


    • their TFN
    • any offsets caimed by the employee
    • the income type of the employee (salary and wage, labour hire etc)
    • the employment basis (full time part time etc)
    • their tax category - regular, actor, horticulturist, pensioner
    • whether they are claiming the tax free threshhold,
    • whether they have a student loan
    • whether they have a medicare reduction or surcharge



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      Thanks Gavin, can you please point me to the MYOB site that verifies this information is being sent? (Where you got the bullet points from) as I cannot see it on any of the reporitng that is being sent.




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        Hi Deb5


        Thanks for your posts. Our help article Getting ready for STP Phase 2 has information on what is sent to the ATO when moving to STP Phase 2. 


        Do let u know if you have any further questions.