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2 years ago

Time in Lieu -payslips

Hi there, I am having issues with TOIL not showing on the employee payslip if there is no transaction in the pay period.  Some of our employees do not use their toil in the same pay period and if the...
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    2 years ago

    Hi PMC1108 


    Thank you for your post. We are aware of a situation where if an entitlement is not used during the current payroll year via process payroll, then YTD amounts will not display for that payroll category on printed payslips, regardless of the Print on Pay advice option being ticked.


    The workaround to get it to show up is to post a small amount against the payroll category using the Process Payroll screen, then reverse the pay run immediately. i.e. Create a pay using 1 hour of the TOIL wage category, recording, then deleting or reversing it. 


    When doing this, even though the pay run has been removed it will prompt the system to show that payroll category on your next payslip. 


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