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4 months ago

Header Account with Account Balance but No Detailed Accounts

Hi,  I have found an expense account that appears to be Header Account which it has no detailed accounts underneath it, but it somehow shows a credit balance of - $31,904.60.   Photo below.  All the...
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    4 months ago

    Hi BrookeA


    Thanks for posting your concern in the forum. 


    I see that you're having an issue with the opening balance in your file. We've tried to resolve this by refreshing the account values on our end. If the problem still exists, please follow these additional steps:

    1. Make a backup of your file. 
    2. Click the arrow next to the header account.
    3. Change the Header account to a Detail account.
    4. Under the Details tab change the Tax Code to N-T
    5. Click OK
    6. Click the arrow next to the header account.
    7. Change the Detail Account to a Header account.
    8. Select the first account that should be under the header account and click Down.
    9. Using the Down button move all other accounts that should be under the header account.

    If these steps don't resolve the issue, please visit or to access MOCA, our virtual assistant. MOCA can provide immediate help and if needed, you'll be transferred to our live chat team.


    Let us know if you require any other assistance.


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