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2 years ago

SMSF Accounts

I am preparing the accounts for a SMSF that has only invested in Gold. The value has gone up from $30000 to $40000 during the financial year. How do I account for the increase of $10000 in the accounts? 

The auditor says the $10000 should be shown as income.

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    Check with your accountant/auditor whether the asset is classified as 'available for sale'  on the balance sheet? In that case  changes in the fair value (market value) of the asset may have to be recognized in Other Comprehensive Income (OCI) -  not as part of the net income in the income statement.


    Other Comprehensive Income

          Unrealized Gain - Gold $10,000


    In the balance sheet, it may find an entry as part of the equity as 

    Retained Earnings  $60,000 (Net Income from the income statement)

    Other Comprehensive Income $10,000  (OCI from the income statement)


    Check with your accountant or auditor. 



  • Hi Debbiedc 


    Try a new auditor.


    SMSF accounts are required to show market value of assets on Balance Sheet, this does not however mean that an unrealised gain is income. Check with your tax adviser. Normally I would expect the creation of an Asset Revaluation Reserve (ARR) in the Equity section. Then a GJ debiting the Gold Asset account and crediting the ARR.


    However I am not an SMSF expert, and things might be done differently - so your own accountant is the best place to check.