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31 days ago

Data not exporting to Excel correctly


I'm using the Import/Export function to export Employee Card data. I've tried using Comma Separated and Tabs as the separate types but I'm still having the same issue.


When the text file is pasted into Excel, only part of the data fills the correct columns, once it reaches a certain record the data becomes skewwhiff and starts separating and appearing on different rows.

I then have to assemble each row of data manually which defeats the purpose of the Export function.

hoping someone can assist here.





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    Hi Dave Dmag , open the text file and scroll down to where it goes haywire.  There's probably a field containing a line break, or quote mark, etc, something that causes a new line. Then see if you can remove that in the file, and repeat the export.

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      I've worked it out. Its the Next of kin data that is stored under the NOTES: field on MYOB, the amount of data in there is just stored as text so if you are exporting that info it (which i was), when separating the data it doesn't know how to separate the data in that field so it reports as text on separate lines and that throws the rest of the data after that point. My guess is MYOB introduced this field around the time the first employee has that data so everyone before that, that doesn't have data stored reports correctly and those with data it doesn't report correctly. thanks again for your help.