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11 years ago

Reports: Price point of sales item

Hi I request the ability to report on price point of sales item.

ie detail report as outlined. But also a summary report which does not list individual customers.


Test price point 1          

Customer                          no items                $Value

Customer                          no items                $Value

Total Price point 1             no items                $Value

Test price point 2


Customer                          no items                 $Value



Total Test

                                        No items                  $ Value


 "Sales Item price point report"

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  • Hi,


    You might be able to achieve some more flexible reporting on Item sales, especially differnt prices using one of the Add-on Solutions see.


    As and example our software BI for MYOB ( will allow you to report Average Price (or Margin) per Customer while filtered for a specific Item or group of Items.  This could then show over any period of time, weekly monthly, Qurarterly etc so you could see the effect of different pricing over time.


    Just an idea.


    Jennifer Kelly CA

    02 8912 4110