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6 years ago

Sales: Track and view changes to made to invoices

As a multi-user platform, where sales and purchases sometimes go through several changes before being sent to a customer or supplier, I think that it would be extremely useful for MYOB to allow users to view a revision history for sales and purchases (for those of us that allow invoices to be changed instead of reversed).


Here is a typical workflow:

Customer expresses that they would like some goods

Quote is created

Quote sent to customer

Customer requests changes to quote

Changes are made, updated quote sent to customer

Customer approves quote

Quote converted to invoice

Invoice emailed to customer


Now, imagine that you have delegated this transaction to a junior employee, and perhaps they made a mistake. Perhaps the customer originally wanted 10 of item X, and then changed their mind and wanted a quote with 20 of item X. However, instead, your employee changed 10 of item X to 20 of item Y, and the customer simply didn't notice before approving the quote. Or, say you did create the initial quote, but when the customer called the second time, they got somebody else, who made the mistake. These are all just examples of situations where it would be extremely useful to be able to view a history of all of the revisions of a sale or purchase. 


The problem is that, as things stand, somebody has to remember the line items on the original quote, or you have to hope that you still have a PDF or printed copy lying around.


I understand that the 'transactions must be reversed' option would approximate something like this, but it's not quite as user-friendly as a dedicated version history mode of the type that can be found in something like Wordpress or Google Docs.


There might be issues with this idea that I've overlooked, but I'd be interested to see if anyone else out there has been hoping for a feature like this.


(screenshot is just a quick example grabbed from google sheets)


"Invoice Version/Revision History'


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  • I have just started using the quotes in MYOB and would also find a feature like this extremely useful