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11 years ago

Contacts: Additional address information i.e. Unit/flat/level field

Hi, I am new and just talked through my problem with the live help. They were great but could not really solve my problem.

I often have customers that have long addresses. So, I have to squash their addesses into a couple of lines in the 'create contact'. Their addresses often include 'Attention to...' 'Unit No.' 'Level No.' 'Stage No.' 'Factory No.' etc.

As a result, I run out of characters (I believe there is also a character limit).


So... My invoice looks terible and the program can't store half the information it should.

One invoice I just printed couldn't even fit the suburb, state or post code on it!

It looks realy amaturish and is a real pain...


Any chance you can tell me how to fix this issue, or is it a software thing that needs to be changed.

If so, when!!!????!!!

Thanks for your help / advice


"more address information"

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