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12 years ago

Backup: Disclaimer that company files in the cloud still require user backups

I have spoken with quite a few users who think that if their company file is online they no longer need to back it up.

Perhaps MYOB could include in the instructions for online set up a disclaimer to the effect that having your company file online does not replace the need to back up. 


"Backing Up Online Company Files"


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    Thanks for the great idea PY12. You are certainly right it needs to be made clear that having a file online doesn't replace the need for making regular backups. Maybe we could have a prompt when closing the software advising the last time a backup was made. Please show your support if you like this idea.
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    Only new to the online, but very hard to get out of the habit of backing up to a usb and an external hard drive. I still wish to do the back ups as I have 5 years of work that I don't want anything to happen to. Better to be safe than sorry. The only problem is the length of time it takes to back it up, as I want to take it off site for safe keeping