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9 years ago

Bank Feeds: Rules - Fix the message "The Rule Name cannot have a space"

Can we please have this error removed from the rule set up.  


Does it really matter if there is a space and the end or the beginning of the Rule Name?   


This message also throws new bank feed users. They freak out at the red cross when I am training them on how to use bank feeds.


Excuse the pun but the error  seems like a waste of "space":smileyfrustrated:





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    Maybe later

    Hi CloudMindAcc


    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and the bank feeds name.

    Due to the way in which the database structure is formatted certain values do require that a space not be entered before or after the field. For example the bank feeds rule name,  As such when a space is entered before or after the field information the program will indicate that it does have an error in data entry then show the red cross to which you can select to see what is the cause of the error.

    In saying that I have marked your idea as Maybe later as something that we may consider in the future however at this point in time we are not actively considering the removal of that.

  • Steven_M


    OK, so if the database requires no spaces at the front or rear of the name, why can't MYOB strip these off automatically if it finds any rather than hassle the user?



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    Maybe later

    Hi everyone, 


    We are pleased to let you know that in AccountRight 2016.2, the extra spaces at the beginning or end of the bank feed rule names are now removed automatically. 


    For more information on the new features included in AccountRight 2016.2, please check out this blog: AccountRight 2016.2 now available


    CloudMindAcc AlanT