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4 months ago

I am receiving message " something went wrong" and I can not log into. Is there a problem at the moment

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    Same issue here, second time this week... Hard to work when MYOB lets you down continually.

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    An email updating us what is happening would be good or something on the site rather than 'something has gone wrong'.

    I'm guessing our employers won't get fee free months since they are paying for accounts to be done which we can't do!


  • Service is down for us, too.
    Very frustrating, and communication with Myob is very poor.

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      MYOB have put out the following message:

      "We have identified an issue impacting some customers ability to access MYOB Business and AccountRight Browser products.  Our teams are urgently investigating this issue and are working hard to resolve it as soon as possible. To receive updates visit: MYOB.status page.


  • I am receiving the same message. I cannot log into my files and I have refreshed my browser several time. Restarted my computer to no avail. Any reasons for this?