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6 years ago

Card: Customer - Automatically update Card ID upon creating new customer

This is a suggestion for the developers.

I cant believe that AR does not suggest the next customer ID , Supplier ID , item ID number , when you are entering a new customer ID. It would be so easy for the software to show the last few ID numbers that were entered in each category and save me having to look up what is the next free number to use. Currently I have a list on the back of my workbook , where I allocate a Customer ID , Supplier ID and Item ID number.  This should happen automatically like in the Bills generation fields where it will auto generate a number or let you type a self generated a code and obviously check to make sure you are not creating duplicates.  

I have imported 12000 customers and about that many Items into my database and I can't scroll through them all to find the next available numbers - please developers get on to this .

I can understand why it may not be easy, as many people dont use straight numeric numbers often using an alpha prefix,  but if you could at least show the last few entires in each window it would make it so much easier.

Many Thanks


"Generate CARD ID when creating new customer"


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    I'd love to see the option of card IDs for customers and suppliers being automatically generated so you don't have to remember what number you are up to.  Is this possible at all to create?



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    Thank you for your idea. Our team has reviewed the idea and has ensured it meets our idea submission criteria. For more information on idea submission criteria, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages

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    also why cant the date the account was opened not be automatically put in when you create the card?  Field is not on front page but in history

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    Also why cant the date you created the card not be generated at the same time - instead hidden under history - to manually put in -

  • Agree I was just searching to see if an auto generated card ID feature was possible, similar to the purchase number when entering purchases. 100% a vote from me for this idea!

  • Is this feature availble yet, It would be so good.