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12 years ago

Card: Supplier - Membership number

How often when you need to discuss a problem with a supplier, do you need to hunt around for your supplier issued account number.


While there are a number of other areas where information like this could be recorded, I believe a simple field within the buying details tab of a supplier's card should be available to include:


Customer Number / Membership Number etc. 


Simple request surely?


"Include a field to record your suppliers account number they have allocated you"






  • Hi Greg - I put it in the reference field under the supplier card / payment details - as they need to see it when they receive the payment ... however I think it would be handy to have on the front profile page as that's where you're looking for their phone number / email address, etc.

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    Hi Julie,


    Yes, I've often included that number in the reference field however, with companies that we pay via BPAY (Qld Payroll Tax - Office of State Revenue) where the BPAY reference numbers need to change for each month's payment, this more or less unwinds the integrity of using that area.


    Also if we are paying off an installment against a large valued invoice, we prefer to quote the actual invoice number so that it gets properly allocated by the supplier.



  • Greg,


    What's wrong with using the CardID field on the profile page? That's where I put my supplier account numbers



  • CardID field is good until two suppliers happen to use the same reference for you and then you have to add a dot or something after it as the program tells you that you have already used this CardID.

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    Hello Julia,


    This info should go on the Supplier's card on the Payment details tab with their bakk setails. This info will then show on their bank statement.



    A;ternatively use the Custom Field or the Notes field on their card.

    I would not use the Card ID.





  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion, Greg. I can see in the comments there have been some great suggestions for workarounds that you can use while this idea is being looked into.