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11 years ago

Cloud: Prompt to check-in file when exiting company file

It would be nice to have the option to prompt the user to check in the file, if it is already checked out.


This will remind the user the file is still checked out when exiting AR, so they know it needs to be checked in if they do access it from a different site.


"Check In Prompt"


  • I am a bookkeeper with several clients using AccountRight Live, most of which do not have internet speeds allowing them smooth operation of their live account, therefore they need to check the file out to work on it.  It would be great if they were prompted to check the file back in when they are exiting MYOB.  Many of my clients leave their file checked out and then when I come to do any bookkeeping I have to contact them to check the file back in and in most cases they are not home or in the office and I find myself in a situation where I have booked a client in for the day and can't do their paperwork.  Then I find myself either working weekends to catch up or squeezing more than one client into one day.

    I have tried reminding them the day before but that does not work either.  They need to be prompted at the time they are exiting.  Very frustrating.


    "Prompt to check-in file"

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      Hi Ann01,

      Great idea!


      I have terrible internet and would like more support and understanding for those of us who just can not work online.

      I like your idea of the prompt to check in when you have finished.

      Even better, for me who has to leave work at a certain time to pick up my kids from school, I would like to set a prompt at a certain time.  Often I go to shut down, suddenly remember to check in & out and am left standing around for 15 minutes waiting for it all to happen at snail pace, while my kids are left at the school gate.... again.

      If I could set my reminder for 20 mins before I leave, then I can get it all syncronised before I need to leave.


  • Status changed:

    Hi MiLa 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and Checking in the company file.

    I would encourage members of the MYOB Community that you would like to see a Check in the company file prompt to be enabled when exiting the file to vote for this idea and comment if required.

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    This is a good idea but I would suggest that it be configurable by the software administrator rather than enforced by MYOB.