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11 years ago

Contact Log: Ability to set/sort by department

1. When entering a New Contact log, would like to see an option to enable comments/contacts to be sorted into categories, ie "Sales" for Sales department to follow up on sales related issues, "Accounts" for debt collection purposes, "General" for misc information .


2. Then in 'Show/Hide" facility of Receivables Reconcilition [Detail] include an option  "Accounts Contacts".


At the moment my debt collection process seems to be a long drawn out process of running 2 or more reports & cross referencing, or exporting to excell & having to re enter previous notes on outstanding invoices so as to have a full history of collecting payment. Would like to streamline this process & having to print out the one report would make for more efficient time.


"Incorporating Contact Log with Receivables Reconciliation [Detail] Report"


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