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7 years ago

Display: Different to Windows display resolution

Please make the screen resolution in AR Online separate from the display resolution


I am 56 and my colleague is 60.  We both use MYOB (desktop version) and have done so for years.  We both have the default font set to around 12 or so, because that is what's comfortable for us to read.  We have 23" screens so not working on something tiny...when we tried to migrate to MYOB online version, neither of us could read the screen without squinting and getting eye strain.   There are many many older workers and visually impaired people in the workplace and if they aren't catered for, they will end up using programs that cater for them better.  

I would love to be using the online version as I work remotely, but I am restricted to logging into a terminal server and using it that way.  


"MYOB Screen resolution needs to be able to set independantly of Display resolution"


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    Agree wholeheartedly!   Changeing the windows display settings is not reasonable - we have other applications affected.

    It is difficult in a busy work environment to have screens really close for many of our people and they are commenting how difficult the screen is to read (upgraded to AR live a few months ago now)


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    interesting that when I spoke to MYOB again about this today, still nothing has been done.  I wonder sometimes if they even bother to listen. 

    Now using the ARversion 2019.3 and very frustrated with the experience