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10 years ago

Display: Remember column sorting of windows

Hi Everybody,


It would be great if every time you logged into your company file (by UserID) the sort order of column(s) (of all windows displaying a table) remained the same. Note that I am not talking about reports but tables such as those found in the 'To Do List', 'Accounts List', 'Bank Register', 'Sales Register', 'Purchases Register' etc.


Whilst this may be a small thing, I do realise it would take some coding to implement and yes it would increase the size of the company file. Is it a worthwhile trade-off to have a slightly larger company file with this extra functionality? I think so.


One could code it so only the users customised columns are store whilst all the other (non-sorted) columns remain at the program default settings.


What do you think..?


"Remember Column Ordering Set By UserID."


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    Not as simple as it sounds as this sort of thing usually has to be done by registry keys on the local pc and therefore would not work for AR Live.



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    Hi Matt

    Thank you for idea in regards to AccountRight and sorting of data.

    I would encourage other users that would like to see the windows remembered the sorting that has been done on them by each individual user to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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     Hi Kelly81,


    Registry keys..? Really..?


    Many online applications store this type of information in their database(s) or XML file(s). Having it on a per user basis would not be that hard surely.


    Correct me if I am wrong but does the recording (storage) of MYOB AccountRight preferences differ between that when stored locally (never uploaded to the clound) and live (in the cloud)..?

  • Hi Matt


    You are correct. From my understanding AccountRight does store certain information in XML files, registry keys as indicated by Kelly81 wouldn't  necessary need to be updated.


    If you move the column width and/or remove a column from windows this change is stored in XML files located in C:\Users\---username---\AppData\Local\MYOB\AccountRight\2015.1\Layouts folder. So in theory it could be possible to use those files to store that sorting hence why your idea has been marked as Under Consideration. As such I would encourage other members of the MYOB Community that would like to see this idea implemented to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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    Yes, this is most needed for me. For example, in bank register, if we can save the sorting of date as descend, that would be much easier to see the balance/last record every time you open it, that would be right on the top of the list, you don't need to pull down to find it at the bottom. Especially helpful when you have lots of transactions everyday. Same as purchase/sale registers.