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12 years ago

Email: Incorporated Mail Client

I thought, since I am in the same boat with quite a few others regarding the inability for MYOB to utilise the 64-bit mail client, if MYOB could incorporate their own mini mail client into the software itself.


In our business, as part of our sales software is an inbuilt ( send only ) mail client that e-mails reports using the card information held within the software.  In our domain situation we only have to allow the out-going from this software as it does not receive e-mails this is then handled by the default mail client on which-ever computer/account.


I am sure, with the clever programmers you have on staff, that this is not something that would be overly difficult or time consuming and would obviously solve quite a few issue's, frustrations and negative comments that seem to be floating around regarding your software.


To be perfectly honest, we are at the point that if this isn't rectified soon we will be changing to another accounting package after twelve years of using your product.   


 "Incorporated Mail Client"

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    Hi Everyone


    AccountRight 2016 allows for the ability to send emails directly using AccountRight without the need of Microsoft Outlook via Online emailing.


    You can find more out online emailing and AccountRight 2016.1 on AccountRight 2016.1 now available