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10 years ago

Export to Excel: Include formulas

Hello.  Our company has just finished migration from Reckon Accounts to MYOB Accounts Right Live.  Excellent product - thankyou.  However there is one funtionality that I miss.  With Accounts, one could export a report - say a P & L to Excel with formula's in all subtotal and total columns.  This was very helpful when preparing management accounts - eg EBITDA calculations. The embedded formulae saved a lot of time.  I think this would be a very handy feature to consider implementing in a future release of MYOB.  Thoughts ???  Thanks.  Ron


"Formula's in excel spreadsheet exports"


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    export reports with a running balance and total that calculates

  • Status changed:

    Hi ronb


    Thank you for your  feedback in regards to AccountRight and sending data to Excel.

    Currently AccountRight will send the data through to Excel and not the formulas. This is due to the fact that formulas are embedded into the AccountRight report rather than the data. However in saying that I would encourage other users that would like to see the formulas be available with the reports sent to Excel to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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    Absolutely agree. I see this post was in 2015. Surely this problem has now been fixed. Or am I missing something here?

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    Hi hkjohn


    The status of this product idea is still Open. It will be changed to Done if approved. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.