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10 years ago

Forms: Pay slip - Change order of categories

Would be great to be able to manipulate the order in which payroll categories show on payslips. 






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    I would like to see payroll categories grouped then printed alphabetically eg all wage categories printed in alphbetical order, then all taxes, entitlements etc printed in alphabetical order. At the moment I have 


    Base Hourly

    Standard Fares

    Standard Travel

    Base Hourly 1

    Base Hourly 2


    I would like it to read


    Base Hourly

    Base Hourly 1

    Base Hourly 2

    Standard Fares

    Standard Travel

    "printed in categories alphabetically"

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      MYOB has issues and lots of them. I would try re-wording them with an alpha code at the start.


      AA base 1

      AA base2

      AA base 3 

      this might trick the software into putting them in the right orde, it worked in version 19 

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      Hmmmm - has to be a better system as that starts to look messy and AA does not relate to the paycode. Would be good if MYOB just fixed this glitch.

  • Design and Layout


    One thing that I have found severely limiting in the customization aspect of the Payroll slips is the complete lack of control over the information.


    Sure I can put in a table with all the information that gets reported to the payslip.

    But I have no control over which elements are reported first or have greater priority over another.

    I would like to have this ability...

    For example; The table contents is listed alphabetically... Which makes reading a payslip difficult if you have customized the names of the salaries/wages.

    Then on top of that, I would prefer to have certain entitlements to be displayed before another, and obviously at the moment, the only way to do that is to name it alphabetically before the others.


    What I would prefer and I am sure others would as well... Is be given a complete toolset to add what ever information MYOB uses, allowable to be displayed. Currently the 'Fields' that can be used, is only 1/2 of what someone may want to display on a Payslip.

    For example, Leave Accrual to be listed separately on the Payslip under a different layout and format.

    When editing the Payroll Layout, you do have the options for adding certain elements to be displayed.

    One element which should be a prominent item; "Address", cannot be added this way, but through a copy and paste from a separate Invoice layout.


    Additionally, the layout mechanism is bulky and quite unresponsive.


    Is there a reason for the grid when you have no ability to "snap" elements to grid points, or any manual control over element sizes outside of the 'drag & resize' points?
    I am aware the main element when being moved does snap, but not the resizing.

    And by manual control, I'd like some kind of properties box that I can edit that will state the element is 50px W x 10px H et c


    Some of the controls need to be added to the RMC interface instead of just via main UI toolbar only.

    For example; Element control for setting it's "height" position over another object (Send to Back, Bring to Front) et c


    The only other thing I would like to see added is some greater control over the font display.

    For example; Compared to MS Word's 'All Caps' et c


    .: ETA :.

    Oh forgot a pretty big one... Why allow PNG's when your application can't render them properly?

    Definitely need to keep the Transparency support, but needs to be fixed.



    Payroll Functionality


    One thing I would have like to add to my payroll was a custom calculation based on some custom fields added to Employee Cards.

    For example, in my company, I will be rewarded employees that stay with the company longer and those with greater experience.

    So I would make two custom fields in the Employee Card... One for 'Time with Company', the other 'Years Experience'.

    From these two fields, I would like to give them a % bonus per payslip based on their base salary/wage.


    So for Entitlements, I would like to have some kind of ability where we can enter our own math equations based on Employee stats that have been recorded or set.

  • Status changed:

    Thank you for the great suggestion TheBodhiBus


    We would love to hear from everyone else in regards to this idea, I would encourage any interested users to cast your vote and comment below if required. 

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    I definitely find it strange that the order of the payroll categories can not be sorted to suit everyones particular situiation. The other thing I believe that needs to be addressed, is that superannuation guarantee is in the mix with gross wage details, and we should be able to show that seperately - currently looks like it belongs in gross wages. 

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    This would be great at the moment it in disarray, in V19.10 they had the Categorys in the correct order...why does MYOB make changes for the worst...if something is working why break it or change it without testing the changes. The base pay should always be shown on the first line not allowances. Please fix this.

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    Hello Mags


    Thank you for commenting and voting on this idea, we are interested in making AccountRight user friendly and are very interested to hear what needs to be change for different users. 


    I have sheared your feedback with the team.  

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    Also in the processing screen, it makes more sense to have all the hourly rates together, then allowances etc rather than sorting alphabetically. I could rename all the entries so they appear in the order I want, but a customisable setting would be nice.

  • YES please this would be great to be able to sort the payroll categories either alphabetically or manually!!