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6 years ago

Forms: Pay slip - Include year to date (YTD) net pay

You should be able to add a YTD net column to the payslip template.


"Add YTD Net Paid to Payslip"


  • Unfortunately, AccountRight currently lacks the ability to display a single year to date figure on a payslip. The year to date amounts are shown on a line by line basis so that an employee can see clearly the amounts that they have received for each different wage category.


    This is quite frustrating especially when our employees have over 20 line items on their payslips. Some employees have to report their total earnings to Child Support, Centrelink etc etc and this means the employee each week has to add all totals in the YTD column up to see what they have actually been paid YTD. 


    This would be extremely helpful and makes alot of sense for all businesses.

    Also having the abilty to view a single total YTD earnings in the emplyoees card file under Payroll Details>Pay History would help when the employer is asked. 


    Please look at implementing this asap as I have seen suggestions regarding this idea dated back to 2016. 

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      would a work around in the mean time be to go into payroll reporting centre (where the stp is reported) go to the EOFY Finalisation tab - and click on the three dots on the right and generate a pdf - it adds all the gross wages figures together year to date. This would only give you a year to date figure though - not a weekly one.



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      I'm assuming you are using the Single touch payroll required by the ATO 


      Year to Date earnings are available via the employees MyGOV portal. This also provides them with their Super information, Tax returns etc. 

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      I second this. There should be total YTDs for gross earnings, tax and superannuation. This is one of the most raised issues I get from employees.

  • Would like payslips to include a field to show the total gross and net YTD figures, not just the YTD total of each category item.  This would be beneficial to employees for manaing their tax, additional superannuation payments  etc

  • It is a little crazy that this is still not a feature in the "fields" section of the Pay Slip forms. It is standard practice in most accounting systems to have Gross YTD, Tax YTD, and Net YTD on all pay slips. I would up-vote the addition of this feature 100 times.