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11 years ago

Forms: Receipt - Allocation Memo column

It would be very handy if we could customise receipts (& other forms) to include the Allocation Memo field as well as the Memo field.


"Customise Receipt (& other forms)"


  • Status changed:
    Hi ChildcareQLD Thank you for your feedback. Adding the allocation memo to the receipt form will give you a better indication of what you receipted the money for and make business life easier. I encourage other users that would like to see this field available for receipt forms and other forms in future releases of the program to vote for this idea and comment if required.
  • We would love to be able to do this as well. We often need to be able to separate our receipts into what is and isn't tax deductible for donor's tax reporting purposes. Allowing the allocation memo field on the receipt would enable us to do that. 

  • Yes the allocation memo field is definately needed, we do a lot of cash receipting at our place of business for a variety of services, which we need to specify on our receipts. I was surprised to find that the receipts table in customise forms only allows 4 fields to choose from. Looks like I'll have to come up with some other work around in the interim. :smileyindifferent:

  • I notice this post is from 2014 and is marked as under consideration.

    I would really like to see this idea progressed so that there are options to include more fields on the receipt forms.

    Please MYOB consider this for future updates.

    Thank you.